When our superconductors are cooled past their critical temperature (-293°F) in the presence of a magnetic field, a natural levitation phenomenon known as the Meissner Effect occurs. Our patented technology (ET3™) is the only tube transportation architecture that uses HTSM - one of the key variables allowing Loop to provide the most advanced transportation system this world has ever experienced.

Permanent Magnet Guideways are located at the top and bottom of the inner tube walls. Our HTSM locks each capsule into place while Linear Electric Motors accelerate and maintain the set design speed at strategic interval locations. Linear Electric Generators reverse the process to gently slow you down as the system recaptures most of the energy used to accelerate.

By mimicking space-like conditions within a tube-based system, our capsules travel like supersonic cars through a global network. No steering wheel, long waits, or canceled flights. With very little air to push out of the way, capsules break through the sound barrier (767 mph) with ease.

Become a Terrestrial Astronaut, through Loop's Time Compression™ services.