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Personal Mobility Redefined
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The car meets the internet. Automated personal capsules that operate in a global network of tubes, connecting you to where you need to be.

phenomenally Fast

Earth orbits the Sun at 67,000 mph without burning a single drop of fuel. What if we could mimic those conditions to connect the majority of our planet in 5 hours or less?

Meet Space Travel on Earth­™

Extremely efficient

By operating capsules in space-like conditions, energy use is minimized. It takes a mere 30 cents of electrical energy to accelerate to our base speed of 400 mph. Plus, regenerative braking captures most of it back during deceleration - how's that for sustainability?

Incredibly safe

Our system design removes the two largest causes for accidents: 1) inability to control the travel environment and 2) human error. No more weather delays, roadkill or distracted drivers - you're welcome. We'll make sure you arrive the way you departed, every time.

What it's like

If the Internet is the World's Nervous System...Loop is the Cardiovascular System.


The access portal

Ride sharing services or autonomous cars will drop you off at one of our convenient access portals, distributed so you're never more than 15 minutes away. Security is a breeze as you glide through to meet a seating module, ready for you


zero gravity

As you sink into what feels like the seat of your dreams, the module slowly moves into a capsule as an immersive screen welcomes you and asks where you're traveling. Simply choose your destination, sit back and enjoy the view through our breathtaking augmented windows.


As smooth as glass

Within seconds, the capsule gradually accelerates as you take your first sip of coffee. You call your sister and let her know you are on the way; smiling to yourself as you hear the kids fighting over who gets the first piggy-back. With a laugh, the call ends with her saying "Enjoy the ride.™"


100's of miles, in minutes

Like a quick trip 'cross town, your capsule merges to the exit ramp as gradual deceleration begins. Your display shows a real time view of the energy recovery process - a feature the 'green' side of you appreciates. The capsule door opens, extending your seat onto a platform where you're immediately greeted by an autonomous vehicle for the final few minutes towards your family.

Your Living Room to the World

At Loop, we aim to remove the friction from life through the complete redesign of high-speed transportation. Capsules travel faster than jets for the price of a bus ticket; comfort is maximized with relaxed seating, gradual acceleration, and a personalized travel experience. Think temperature and lighting dials, complementary WiFi, and endless entertainment options. Plus, our augmented displays give you complete control of your environment for sightseeing like never before.


We utilize High Temperature Superconducting Magnetic Levitation (HTSM). HTSM is known for being the most efficient and lowest cost form of maglev in the world. 



my words depend on the video here.

Permanent Magnetic Guideway™ (PMG)

We utilize  HTSM - the most cost effective and least restrictive approach to 4,000 miles per hour.


To enable you access to the world physically, like the internet has done digitally. Our unique end-to-end solution amplifies your ability to travel the planet like you do your home state. We want to connect you to your loved ones, open up the option to live and work where you please, and create a global transportation ecosystem that maximizes efficiency, doesn't pollute our precious earth, and is affordable to all.

Are you with us?

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It will take a global collective of passionate individuals and organizations to fulfill this vision. We welcome any input, questions, comments, or concerns you may have. We're currently a small team in early stages of development, yet please feel free to get in touch and see how you can get involved.

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